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Can I purchase Tokens, or only earn them?


You can earn AND purchase Tokens with ClassPoints. Token packages are a great way to supplement your studio membership! 


Token packages are available for purchase within the XPASS app outlined below:

  • 1 Token @ $30, renewing monthly, cancel anytime
  • 2 Tokens @ $50, renewing monthly, cancel anytime
  • 4 Tokens @ $80, renewing monthly, cancel anytime

When booking a class on XPASS, you can use only one Token per class. If the class is at a premium rate, you are able to use one Token plus dollars to purchase the class booking.


Free Birthday Class Token:

If you have earned Silver or Gold status in ClassPoints, on your birthday, we will gift you a free class token as our way of expressing gratitude for being a valued member. This exclusive birthday benefit is designed to make your special day even more memorable.

  • How it Works:

On your birthday, log in to your ClassPoints account on the brand app or member portal, you will see a Birthday Class Token award. When you hit “Redeem”, you will be taken to XPASS where you can explore the available classes to book within 48 hours. Your Birthday Class Token is valid for 365 days. Enjoy!

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