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What is the difference between Points and Tokens?


Here is an outline of the ClassPoints program terminology including Points, Tokens, Tiers, Rewards, and the Benefits and Deals. 

  • ClassPoints
    • ClassPoints are loyalty points used as a measure of status within the loyalty program
    • Aggregation of ClassPoints is what unlocks tier statuses 
    • ClassPoints cannot be redeemed or “cashed in”
  • Tiers
    • Tiers refer to the status that a ClassPoints member has reached in the Loyalty Program and include Bronze, Silver and Gold
    • Higher tiers are unlocked by consistently taking classes and/or upgrading in-studio memberships
  • Rewards
    • Rewards are earned via the ClassPoints program within your brand app
    • Rewards include, but are not limited to: Guest Passes, Tokens (redeemable for classes on XPASS), retail discounts, and more.
  • Tokens
    • Tokens are a type of reward earned via the ClassPoints program and are unlocked by reaching certain tiers
    • Tokens are then redeemable for classes on XPASS only
    • Tokens replaced “points” in XPASS as the unit of currency to exchange for in-studio classes via XPASS
  • Benefits and Deals
    • Benefits and deals are available to Silver and Gold tiers 
    • Benefits and deals are redeemed on XPASS
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