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What is ClassPoints?


ClassPoints is Xponential Fitness’ Loyalty Program. This article aims to provide an overview of how ClassPoints functions and how customers can earn rewards by engaging in classes and upgrading their in-studio memberships. Additionally, we'll explore the benefits of advancing through ClassPoints Tiers and the seamless management process for studios, all at no cost.


Earning Points:


Customers accumulate points for their consistent class attendance, in-studio membership upgrades, and more.


ClassPoints Tiers:


Members have the opportunity to elevate their ClassPoints Tier, unlocking premium benefits and rewards as they progress.


Premium Benefits and Rewards:


Advancing through ClassPoints Tiers opens the door to exclusive benefits and rewards, enhancing the overall customer experience.


Free for Members and Users:


ClassPoints is a cost-free Loyalty Program for studio members allowing them to receive enhanced benefits without incurring additional expenses.

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