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When do I receive the benefits of the tiers I earn into?


Once you earn enough ClassPoints to reach a tier threshold, you will immediately be elevated into that status and retain the status through the end of the following quarter.


To view detailed information about ClassPoints Tiers and for a convenient side-by-side comparison, navigate to your brand's website. Look for the dedicated ClassPoints Tab on the website, where you'll find comprehensive details on the various tiers and their associated benefits.

The points reset on a quarterly basis. Let's break it down with an example:

  • Example Scenario:
    • Quarter 1 (Q1): You earn enough points to achieve Gold status. You enjoy the benefits of your status from the moment it is earned.
    • Quarter 2 (Q2): You maintain your Gold status from Q1 throughout Q2. Your activity this quarter determines your status next quarter.
    • Quarter 3 (Q3): If in Q2, you only earn enough points for Silver status, you will still retain your Gold status in Q2. However, in the next quarter, Q3, your tier will be Silver.

This system ensures that your earned tier remains consistent for the current quarter and the subsequent quarter, allowing you to enjoy the associated benefits. Be mindful of the quarterly points reset as you continue to engage in classes and upgrade memberships within the ClassPoints program. For additional details and updates, always refer to the ClassPoints Tab on your brand's website.

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